The financial success of our clients, thusly, will define our success as well as the company.

Our strategy follows a simple premise: anticipate the needs of our customers and clients, then serve them by helping them achieve their goals.

We help our clients achieve financial success throughout their economic life.  We do so by focusing on the broad range of their financial needs and delivering quality services that truly fulfill those needs.

We believe that only if each of us, those dealing directly with clients as well as those who support our clients, assumes personal responsibility for the financial success of every client we come in contact with, will their success be assured.
We further believe that in fulfilling clients’ financial needs we are creating significant value for them while at the same time creating value for ourselves and the company.

We have a clear view of the possible sources of growth for us as a flexible bank:

  • The privatisation of welfare - as welfare provision becomes an unaffordable burden on governments, so citizens all around the world need to take charge of self-provision.
  • Wealth generation and wealth transfer – our research shows the number of people with a disposable wealth of over US$1m in the G7 countries will double over the next decade.
  • The explosive growth in demand for banking products in emerging markets. The securitisation of assets and cash flows - as those who seek to finance their activities increasingly have recourse to the capital markets.
  • The use of derivatives in risk management - more and more companies (and not just large companies or multi-nationals) will use derivatives to help manage their risk.  
  • The pressure on capital markets and private equity to fund infrastructure projects around the world.