Account Opening

Compliance Paperwork

  1. Download the Account  Opening Form,; fill the form with your data and sign on each page.
  2. append copy of your Passport and any proof of residence and
  3. in the case the account shall be opened for a company, as well the copy of your Company Documents,
  4. together with a page informing us what you specifically want to do with your account. 
  5. Send all these documents specified in points 1-4, all together, to [email protected] [email protected] or [email protected] for review.
  6. Upon acceptance, you will be issued an initial email containing further directives. You are required to remit the Account Opening fee of €25,000 or $27,100 per SWIFT, RTGS or RTP within a 72-hour window, in accordance with the payment details provided in the email to activate your account.
  7. Following the activation of your accounts, after receiving the Account Activation Fee, it is imperative to transfer the requisite Minimum Balance, per SWIFT, to be maintained for a minimum duration of one year, to ensure your account is fully operational: 

Minimum Balance 

You can transfer your funds here too or we can help you with your mayor Crypto-Currencies transfers to your accounts.

Please take note of which fees will be applicable. To review them, please click here

Thank you


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