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Our Specialities

Taylor-made Solutions for High Worth Individuals

We offer unique and innovative custom-made Solutions for our Customers.  As a client of IFB, you require personalized solutions to meet a variety of wealth planning objectives and goals. 

By asking about your vision, we can customize our recommendations to help you successfully build, manage, preserve, and transfer your wealth. Clients who benefit most from our tailored solutions and services often include:

Financial Instruments

We create, structure and issue, through our contracted entities, a variety of Financial Instruments for our esteemed clients as a solution for their problematics and under their prerogatives. 

These Instruments may be traded, and so provide the efficient flow and transfer of capital all throughout the world, or can be used to secure the finance of a project.

Corporate Products

We at International Finance Bank take in consideration that clients' needs are diverse. We will custom design a product that will meet those needs whether it be Corporate, Humanitarian or Personal, whether it be a new Bond issue, Certificate of Deposit, Stocks, Derivatives etc., we have the capability to provide you with the best product available at the risk level and profit level you may require.

Corporate Services

It’s easy to do great work when you believe in what you do. That’s why we’re committed to helping more people like you, every day. 

Therefore, our Services make us different.