We at International Finance Bank take in consideration that clients' needs are diverse. We will custom design a product that will meet those needs whether it be Corporate, Humanitarian or Personal, whether it be a new Bond issue, Certificate of Deposit, Stocks, Derivatives etc., we have the capability to provide you with the best product available at the risk level and profit level you may require.

What makes us different?

Flexibility in Thinking and different Financial Instruments

Innovative Issues

For instance: 

Protected Investment in GOLD and Rare Minerals in Brazil (Clearstream)

The IFB Hybrid CDO

  • ISIN: DE000A1A2084
  • WKN: A1A208

The Rare Earth Elements sector with its strategic importance to manufacturing and electronics is -so far- dependent on China, who controls 97% of the production of these minerals for the high-tech industry. 

This issue secures financing for independent mines in Brazil with proven, probable reserves or inferred resources of Gold and Tantalum, Niobium as well as other Rare Earths Elements and Rare Metals and thus creates an alternative supply source for manufacturers of electronics and other goods (from airplanes to cars, etc.) all over the world, thus expanding the reserves by minimum 25%.  (125% Capital Protection + high return possible)

Structured Products

The Structured Products Group addresses a client need for integrated, customized risk management solutions.

The group includes professionals from both Investment Banking and Risk Management disciplines, who structure derivatives solutions for companies and executives with unique financing requirements.

Multi-disciplinary in its approach, covering equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, credit, tax, and accounting issues, the group works to ensure clients get the best advice.

Guaranteed Investment Certificates

What they Are
GICs are generally one to five-year deposits with a bank or other financial institution like a trust company.

How they Work
GICs are issued in your name and can't be sold except to the institution that issued them. You agree to keep the money in the GIC for a set period in return for a set rate of interest. Compound GICs pay you interest on your interest. Instead of paying the interest to you outside the GIC, the interest is added to your original deposit.

The Risk
GICs are relatively safe investments. An important risk is that you'll need to access your money before the GIC matures. If this happens, you'll likely lose some of your interest. There's also a risk if you lock in your money in a five-year GIC and interest rates go up two years later. You'll have missed an opportunity to earn more on your money.

The Rewards
GICs mostly pay higher rates of interest than bank savings accounts, but less than many other investments. Rates are higher for longer term GICs and for larger deposits.

Credit Derivatives

Credit Derivatives Department specializes in developing products to help our corporate clients manage their credit risk. Credit derivatives are contracts that allow one party to transfer the credit risk and return related to a given asset to another party, without actually transferring the underlying asset. Compared to the markets for other derivative products, the global market for credit derivatives is relatively small, but it is growing rapidly.

Leveraged Finance

Through integration of leveraged loans, second lien loans, mezzanine and high yield bonds, the Leveraged Finance Group provides "one-stop" debt financing solutions for clients.

The Leveraged Finance Group is exclusively responsible for the origination of all non-investment grade debt products. IFB has served as Lead Arranger and Book Runner on a number of bond financings.

Investment Funds

We create hedge  and other funds for our clients.
A fund
that can take both long and short positions, use arbitrage, buy and sell undervalued securities, trade options or bonds, and invest in almost any opportunity in any market where it foresees impressive gains at reduced risk. Hedge fund strategies vary enormously -- many hedge against downturns in the markets -- especially important today with volatility and anticipation of corrections in overheated stock markets. The primary aim of most hedge funds is to reduce volatility and risk while attempting to preserve capital and deliver positive returns under all market conditions.

Corporate Bonds and Debentures

Our Clients and their Companies sell bonds when they want to borrow money to grow and expand. They promise to pay your money back on a future maturity date and pay interest in the meantime. 
There are different kinds of corporate bonds. 

  • Some are secured by specific assets which you can seize if the company fails to pay interest or return the original principal amount when the bonds mature. 
  • Others that aren't secured are called debentures. They are merely a promise to pay you. Corporate bonds often also have added features. 
  • You might be allowed to convert your bonds into the company's stock, or the company might have the right to buy back the bonds before they mature.

Governmental Bonds

When governments need to borrow, they issue bonds in various denominations or face values. The face value is returned to you on the bond's future maturity date and you get paid interest in the interim.

We utilize natural resources to create an underlying that the government can use to create a capital protection


What they Are
Treasury bills (T-bills) are very safe short-term investments issued by the federal government and some provinces.

How they Work
Governments issue Treasuries in very large denominations of $1 million or so. Banks and investment dealers break these up and sell them to investors. You always buy a T-bill at a discount to its face value. That means you pay less than what you'll get back when the government cashes it for you. T-bills are mostly offered in terms of one month to just under one year. You might pay $975 for a T-bill and get back $1,000 when it matures one year later. Your profit is stated as a percentage of your investment, in this case it would be about 2.56% ($25 on $975). Even though your return on T-bills is a capital gain, the government treats the return as interest income, which is taxed at a higher rate.

The Risks
Treasury bills are considered among the safest investments, especially when they have three months or less to maturity. Should you need your money before the T-bills mature, you can always sell them on the open market through an investment dealer.

Investment Grade

The Investment Grade Capital Markets Group structures, prices, markets and syndicates all of the firm's new issue, investment grade preferred stock and fixed income securities.

Its three groups:

  • Coverage Officers,
  • Syndicate and
  • Private Placements

work closely with Fixed Income Sales and Trading teams, Investment Banking and Research to provide clients with innovative and cost effective financing solutions.

Loans and Credit Lines 

Tailored Money when you need it.

We believe that credit is a key component to any sophisticated investment plan. So in developing a financial plan to meet your financial circumstances and objectives.

If you are looking for liquidity to help leverage existing assets, or credit facilities (possibility for an overdraft under special conditions, i.e. risk-less trading transaction) to create additional wealth, our flexible credit services can provide you with opportunities to maximize your returns

Bank Guarantees and SBLCs

A bank guarantee or a SBLC is an undertaking by a bank to pay the guarantee beneficiary a specified amount upon a written demand if the Bank's client fails to fulfill his obligation.

Types of guarantees issued by our Bank or organized by us from larger international financial institutions:

  • tender guarantee (security deposit)
  • performance bond
  • guarantee of payment, e.g. for purchased goods or services  

Proof of Funds

Our "Proof of Funds" (POF) and Verification of Deposit (VOD) letters, or per Swifts and KTTs, are services that you may use for your convenience. The intended use for the POF or VOD letters is to give you, the client, a letter to provide to the necessary parties involved in your real estate or commercial transactions to show you are either pre-qualified or have the funds to purchase real estate when doing a back-to-back closing (or extended back-to-back closing) and using our services to fund the "A to B" portion of the back-to-back closing. You may only use our POF or VOD letters when making offers to purchase real estate when doing a back-to-back closing (or extended back-to-back closing). We will not be responsible for the misuse of this POF letter in anyway.

Preferred and Common Shares

We create Shares for our Clients and help on you IPO

A preferred share is a special type of stock that regularly pays you a set amount of money out of the company's profits called dividends. They're called preferred because you get preferential claim to the profits ahead of common shareholders.

When you buy common shares you become a part owner of the company. You will share in the profits of the company if it does well, either by seeing the value of your shares rise, by being paid dividends out of the firm's profit, or both. If the business performs badly, you probably won't get any dividends and the value of your shares will drop.

Options and Futures

Options are not securities themselves, but are contracts that let you to buy or sell a security like a stock at a set price between now and a certain future date. Options give you the ability to hedge investment risks or to earn magnified gains through what's known as leverage.

Futures are a derivative investment. Rather than representing shares of ownership, like stocks, or a loan, like bonds, futures contracts are contractual agreements that derive their value from an underlying asset. Futures can be used to hedge certain price risks -- or to take on that risk by speculating on the future price of an asset.  

Crypto Currencies

We create, issue, manage and trade any type of cryptocurrencies to secure wealth for our clients