Challenges of Restructuring & Turnaround

The restructuring and turnaround process is both time-sensitive and demanding. Concentrating your efforts and resources on operational aspects is crucial to achieving success; however, selecting the right financial partner is equally vital.

Without sufficient financial resources, even the most well-conceived plans will falter. Having assisted numerous companies across various industries in restructuring and returning to profitability, we comprehend the pressing nature of financial distress and the associated operational challenges. Our team possesses the resources and expertise to respond promptly, helping your business regain its footing and thrive.

Our extensive experience in financing turnarounds has furnished us with a profound understanding of the process and the critical factors that contribute to successful restructuring and turnarounds. Regardless of whether your company is undergoing reorganization under formal bankruptcy protection or outside a formal process, we are equipped to provide the support and guidance you require.


Turnaround financing is a specialized form of business financing, typically secured by company assets or other collateral, designed to support a strategic or restructuring plan aimed at restoring your company to profitability. Turnaround financing is contingent on a well-defined strategic plan, which is usually devised by a turnaround advisor, interim CEO, or another expert and subsequently analyzed by our team.

We bring together the practical experience of our specialists, who are proficient in all aspects of the restructuring process, with our extensive expertise spanning a broad array of industries and functions.

This synergy uniquely positions us to not only facilitate restructuring but also to drive transformation within our clients' organizations.

Our experienced advisors are well-versed in the risks confronting stressed and distressed companies, including disclosure risk, legal risks associated with insolvency support, open invoices stemming from filing for insolvency, reputational risks, and de facto directorship. To assist clients in mitigating these risks, our consultants blend hands-on expertise with advisory capabilities to guide clients through the restructuring process.

Ultimately, our objective is to fortify your balance sheets, enhance cash flows, and enable your company to transition out of survival mode, paving the way for sustainable growth and success.


Restructuring financing is a specialized form of business financing that utilizes your company's assets to provide a viable solution for significantly modifying debt and reorganizing your company's financial structure. Often, such restructuring occurs in tandem with the implementation of a strategic plan and turnaround financing. 

To effectively navigate the restructuring financing process, your company must establish a robust financial plan to optimize efficiency, enhance the bottom line, and ultimately facilitate the recovery of your company's financial health. This process is contingent upon your company possessing adequate collateral, such as accounts receivable, inventory, machinery, and/or equipment, to support the financing amount.

Our Corporate Financial Restructuring experts work closely with businesses to evaluate financial risk and provide guidance on cost reduction strategies. They strategically reorganize and redirect financial operations by employing zero-based methodologies.

By analyzing and advising on cost-saving measures, our experts help organizations regain their footing and achieve financial stability. Furthermore, they assist in debt restructuring, which results in more manageable debt repayment plans, alleviates the burden of loan settlement, and supports consumer base valuations. In doing so, our experts enable businesses to emerge stronger and more resilient in the face of financial challenges.

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