Asset Protection Services

Our asset protection services begin by identifying potential threats to your assets. We then evaluate the assets you wish to safeguard by asking critical questions about their nature and value. This information forms the basis of a tailored asset protection plan, which outlines strategic actions to secure your assets using appropriate legal instruments.

Domestic and International Asset Protection Services

We offer both domestic and international asset protection strategies. It’s crucial to consider whether an international strategy suits your needs, as local judges can access local assets, potentially undermining domestic plans. An international approach may sometimes be the only viable option to protect your assets effectively, placing you in control by using well-structured legal tools to manage your assets either locally or abroad.

Banking Protection

Consider the security of your assets in banking institutions. According to Global Finance, only a few U.S. or European banks rank among the world’s safest, suggesting that offshore banking might offer greater security, especially in scenarios where judgments could threaten your U.S. assets.

Risk Evaluation and Asset Protection Planning

Consultations for risk evaluation and asset protection planning are complimentary, allowing you to discuss your needs with a professional immediately.

Asset Protection Tools

Depending on your specific needs—whether immediate asset protection or long-term estate planning—we advise on a range of legal tools. These might include corporations, LLCs, various trusts, and private banking accounts, chosen and structured to meet the desired level of protection and jurisdictional advantages.

Below are key tools used in our asset protection plans:

  •  Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs) provide a robust defense against creditors, making it challenging for them to access assets within the partnership.
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) offer protections that keep assets within the LLC safe from legal claims, particularly beneficial for real estate and investment portfolios.
  • Asset Protection Trusts, especially those established in jurisdictions like the Cook Islands or Nevis, provide superior protection against creditors and are established to benefit trust beneficiaries solely.
  • Qualified Personal Residence Trusts (QPRTs) protect your residence from legal claims while reducing estate and gift taxes on asset transfers.
  • Living Trusts facilitate asset transfer upon your passing without the complications of probate or court interference in cases of incapacity.
  • Offshore Asset Protection Services in jurisdictions with strong legal protections can safeguard assets from domestic legal challenges, providing privacy and security.
  • Offshore Business Entities and Banking offer robust financial security and asset control, often requiring setup through qualified introducers which we provide.

Creating a Service Plan

Creating an asset protection plan is intricate and requires expert guidance. Our consultants are skilled in assessing individual needs and structuring legal and financial instruments accordingly. Our plans are comprehensive, incorporating multiple legal tools and entities to ensure maximum protection and privacy for your assets, whether established domestically or internationally. We assist in setting up secure banking and investment accounts that align with your needs for safety and convenience.